Solar warm greenhouse, referred to as warm shed

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Use greenhouses to grow hemp. In colder and colder areas, there is no need for heating in winter, and the plants can survive the winter normally, which can reduce construction investment and reduce operating costs.
Using thermal insulation instead of shading curtain and black-and-white film to avoid light is better than inner shading curtain and external black-and-white film, which can reach 100% light protection at most.

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1.Which information do you need to send in order to get a quotation?

You should provide us the next information:

-Your country.

-Highest and lowest temperature

-Highest wind speed.

-Snow load,

Size of the greenhouse (width, height, length)

What will you grow in the greenhouse.

2.How much guarantee time do you offer for the products?

Greenhouse overall free guarantee for I year, structure guarantee

for 10 years and for each equipment don't hesitate to ask.

3. How much time do you spend producing my greenhouse?

we spend between 20 and 40 work days making your greenhouse after receiving 30% deposit.

4. How much time does it take to the greenhouse to arrive to my country?

It depends, as you knew we are located in China, so the shipment by sea would take between 15-30 days. For air shipment, it depends of the size on if just are some equipment. It’s possible to receive

through air and it will take between 7-10 days.

5. Which material do you use?

For structure, usually we used hot galvanized steel pipe, it's the best steel material, can be used for 30 years without rusting. We also have galvanized steel pipes and steel pipes as options. For coverage,

vwe have high quality plastic film, polycarbonate sheet and glass with different thickness.

6. How can you show me my greenhouse before starting to produce it?

We offer free design drawing, professional chargeable drawing for engineering seal. And also when we sign the contract we send you the production and installation drawings.

7. When my greenhouse arrive how I'm going to start building it?

There are two options, the first, we send you the production and installation drawings that are understandable for engineers, and the second, we can send the engineer to guide the construction, also can send construction worker team, so you don't have to find worker in location. But you need to be responsible for their visa, Airfare, accommodation and security insurance.

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