About Us

Shenyang Lantian Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Loyal To Customers

Abide by the commitments, continuous improvement, pursue  excellence

Loyalty To The Enterprise

concern what the company concerns,  worry what the company worries

Loyalty To The Business

Dedicate, try the best and do ones’ duty, carefully finishe every day’s work

Loyal To Colleagues

Demonstrate team spirit, unity, cooperation, love, and share the honor together

Our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, design, development, manufacturing and construction with independent legal personality and architecture construction qualification.
For more than 20 years, the company has given full play to the advantages of large-scale enterprises in the aerospace industry and advanced production equipment. It is committed to the construction of various modern greenhouse projects, carports and courtyard sunrooms.
"Adoption of standardization, integration with the international and domestic advanced levels" is the pursuit of the company.
"Base on China's national conditions, achieve localization, Going Global" is the basic principles of enterprises.
"User first, quality first" is the purpose of the company.

Shenyang Lantian Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Shenyang Aerospace Xinle Co., Ltd. under China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.